Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Thoughts Tuesday...the sleepy addition

1. I am on vacation unofficially! I have a class tomorrow but after that, whoo hoo!

2, Tamirisc and I are going to Manitou for the weekend. It is the weekend before his birthday (on Monday) and that is where he wanted to go. I am in total agreement of course. Why wouldn't I? It is beautiful there. See?

3. The last time we were there snow was on the ground and it was cold. It will be nice to go up there this time in the Summer.
4. Did I mention Tamirisc is going to be 50 years old. Just sayin'.
5. As I mentioned before, I am almost done with classes for the Summer. I have  two full classes left and then final next Wed. I am going to be sooooooo glad to have that over with.
6. Of course then I start over in August. As I write, I have 14 hours on the books right now. I am thinking about adding another class. However, this class would be a fun one...tap dance!

7. I don't know, do you think it is crazy to take a tap dance class. I mean with all my back and leg problems?
8. Seriously, I need some advice here.
9. As I said in my title, I am sleepy. Really sleepy. It is beginning to rain here and that does not help. I wonder why it is we get sleepy when it is raining?
10. Tamirisc and I are considering going back to MO again for Christmas. Ok, so we aren't really considering it, we have decided! Now it is called getting funds to do just that. I almost would like to drive there BUT that is one long drive from Condo Lane and Tamirisc does not have his license yet.

Bonus thoughts:
1. Did she just say Tamirisc does not have his license? Yes, yes, I did!  He has never driven before. He had hoped to get his license before his birthday but that just has not happened. In part due to the fact we do not have a car. He was so proud (as I was) when he got his permit.
2. Unlike my home state of MO, here in Condo Lane, CO, you can keep your permit up until 3 years before renewing it. In MO I believe it is only 60 days.
3. None of my family is able to come out this way now. I hoped they would but now they cannot. sigh...I have not seen them since beginning of February. I miss them a lot.
4. Our grand-daughter will be almost 1 year old before we get to see her.
5. Isn't she cute?

Well enough for now...yawn...peace & love,
Naila Moon


  1. grand child is so cute. i don't think tap dancing would be good with leg and back problemd

  2. Tap dancing is great exercise! It may even help with your back and leg problems!!

    She is just adorable!

  3. Hi Naila!

    Just let me know which 3 blogs you wanted me to add to my Awesome Blogs page!



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