Thursday, November 25, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge-Day 3...Meaningful Gift

Today's challenge is to tell of a gift that I received that was meaningful. There have been many gifts I have received over the years but none other than one that was given to my children and I collectively.

A few years back the kids and I were having an extremely hard year. We had lost our apartment and had to move back with my parents. We were stuck in their living room and slept on the floor. Although grateful for the roof over our heads it was not the best situation.

At this same time I was a volunteer youth minister at a local church. This is significant because what happened one evening ties in to this.

The kids and I had gone off somewhere for the evening. If nothing else I suppose, just to take a breather.  We arrived back at my parents house to my Mother greeting us at the door. She said she had a surprise for us.  

We walked in to a very dark house which was unusual considering it was Christmas and my parents decorate to the nines.  We rounded the corner and noticed many candles lit and right there in the middle of the living room was...beds! Yes, beds!

There was a huge full size bed for me and bunk beds for the kids. They were all made  with love linens as well.  The kids and I were so stunned that we cried. Tied to the beds was a simple note that said, "Love Your Assumption Core Team". 

It turned out the volunteer youth minister and the paid youth minister I worked with, called my Mom and told her what they were about to do.  As we always got a stipend from the church at Christmas, they pooled together and bought the beds for us for Christmas. In fact, a little bit more money was needed to buy them and they gave even more money than the stipends.

I was totally speechless and was never so grateful in all my life.  I called each and everyone of them personally and the kids made them notes to thank them.

It was one of the most meaningful and beautiful Christmases ever.

Peace...Naila Moon

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