Monday, November 15, 2010


I was reading a blog this evening about being thankful. You can go here to read about it---> Simple Gratitude
Being grateful for the people and things you have in life should be done everyday of the year, not just at Thanksgiving. However, this holiday helps us to be mindful of those things.
I liked that she listed just the simple things because sometimes I think we actually forget those things that are the littlest that bring us such joy.
Although I have not listed my daily thankful here in Bloggerville, I have on Facebook.  So, I thought I would share at least some of my list and keep up with the rest of the days here.
If you would like to keep up with my husband, Tamirisc list, go to this link (he does his a bit different):tamirisc thankful blogs

So here I go:
I am most thankful that my parents said "yes" to having me almost 43 years ago now.
I am thankful for my daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grand-baby.
I am thankful for the love I have from my hubby, Tamirisc.
I am  thankful for my nephew, nieces, uncles, aunts, & cousins.
I am thankful for all the veterans in my life.
I am thankful to the lady who found my cell phone the other day.
I am thankful for the loveliness I am privy to everyday.

Day 15-I am thankful for forgiveness!

Peace...Naila Moon


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