Thursday, December 30, 2010

The stuff ya know but don't always want to...

As 2010 comes to a close, like so many other people, I am reflecting on the year and looking in to next year.
This past year was tough on so many people and my family was not immune to that fact. My aunt's breast cancer journey was awful, tough and inspirational all at the same time. I am happy to say, she survived it! Blessed be!

However, moving in to the end of the year, our family was hit with another blow. This one much closer to home and one I have thus far silently dealt with.
My Dad was diagnosed with lung, liver and colin cancer a few weeks ago and was given only1-2 months to live. Essentially, they have given him until the end of January...if then.

The family that could fly home (us) or was near home came for Christmas. It was wonderful, not sad at all but joyful. It reminded me of what Christmas was always like at home.

I stayed an extra week this week because I needed too. I needed to talk with Dad a while and clear the air for we had a tumultous relationship for a few years.We did talk, it was short but meaningful. Then I read him stories that he had written.

 I can say that forgiveness is truly a peacefulness to the heart.

I go home tommorow from here.  I can say it will not be easy to get on a plane knowing that I will never get to say hello, goodbye or simply, I love you,ever again. It is not easy to think I will never see him alive again. What I do know is he is my Dad and I will miss him.

What I also know is that 2011, although a new year,I am sure will be another tough one. However with faith, strength and an incredibly strong family, we will make it through.

I wish you peace and love this new year.
Happy New Year.

Naila Moon

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  1. As someone whose father died at the end of October of Lung and Bone Cancer that spread to his brain in the end, I know your pain. But as you did, I spent a lot of time getting to know my dad again. I never really knew him before, but the last few days with him were very precious and has made the transition much easier.


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