Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top 10 Thursday... a little late...brought to you by the letter "G"

Since I have been off track for a few weeks, I thought I would try to get back to some consistency by doing the Top 10 List of the week. (of course I am late posting this too!) 

This week is supposed to be things that are gadgets or gewgaws that start with the letter "G". here are mine (kind of tweaked):

1. GOOGLE-oh my gosh, this is like my best friend on the net.

2. Grieve-although, I am sure this would not make my list any other time, this is certainly where I am at with the passing of both Grandma and Dad within two months of each other.

3. Grape Jelly-love the stuff mixed in with peanut butter!

4. Goop-have you ever played with this stuff. Kids love it! (uh-hmm and adults) It is so easy to make too. Goop Recipe

5. Giving gifts-I love to receive gifts but I REALLY love giving them. I like to see the looks on the receivers face.

6. Gourmet gadgets-ok, so I cheated a little here but it does work! Seriously, I am not that in to having all the gadgets for the kitchen but boy my husband is! The more the better.

7. Gah!-my favorite word these days. LOL

8. Gems-what woman (or man) does not like pretty gems. I love blue sapphires, diamonds, rubies and...

9. Garnet-I have to like garnet. After all, it is my birthstone. ;)

10. Games-there are several games I like including Scrabble, Yahtzee, poker, Sorry...ummm

Hope you liked this list!

Update from June 16th list:
1. Go to the zoo DONE
2. Go to Grant's Farm
3. Make those home made Christmas cards for my family and friends.
4. Buy a couch
5. Get 25 of those pounds of fluffiness off
6. Get back in to college
7. Finish my A-Z Photo Project STARTED
 Go here to see the challenge--->Naila Moon's A-Z photo challenge
8. Go to Las Vegas
9. Have my niece over for a week
10. Go to Hawaii!!! :) (side note: I really want to go bad!!!)

Peace, Naila Moon


  1. nice to "meet" sympathies in the loss of your dad. it must be so very hard. my daddy is sick, i so dread that day. i send you my best wishes.

  2. Thank you for joining in! Even late entries are more than welcome! Loved your list ... sorry grief had to be in there. That has to be the BEST google icon EVER! :)


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