Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me...Jan. 16th

It is Monday Music Moves hosted by Xmas Dolly and the train crew.
This week the theme is your wedding dance music or music from when you were 21 years old (assuming you are that old-lol).

I chose this week to do both.  Some of you may know that Tamirisc and I got married in 2008 in our condo so, we did not have "dance music" per se.  However, we did have a song or two associated with our small ceremony. The first song I wish to share with you is "our song" and the one playing when we fell head over heals for each other. (I realize I have posted this before but after all...)

So, moving on. When I was 21, (1989 for those that really want to know) I was very pregnant with my second son.  By then I also already had my daughter who was going to be two. Life for me at that time was a bit chaotic and all I can say is somewhat a blur. I cannot say I had a favorite piece of music. In fact, I had to go look up what was playing then.  I found a few that I could say I liked and will share these with you.

First up: (Sheesh, if I had her body then and now! Warning a little risque if you have kids in the room.)

What was she thinking with that um...outfit?

Next up: (Bonus points- What were they know for?)

This song I actually sang to my Mom for some event a few years later: (Bonus points-What movie is it from?)

Last one for this go around. This gal should be familiar:

Peace...Naila Moon

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  1. Hey you I didn't even see you sneak in until I was getting ready for this week's Freebie Monday! So, you're gonna be my sneaky one huh? I'll have to watch out for you! Nice choices here. Love Cher!


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