Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mondays Music...Freebie/Space Jammin'

Wow, it is Monday once again and that can only mean it is time for Mondays Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly.
This week it is a "free" week which I picks the tunes sans theme.

My daughter was visiting me this week as she was recovering from surgery and was asking me what the 4M's was all about. So, after explaining she said how about something along the lines of Space Jam? As I had no other ideas that sounded good to me. So, in honor of the daughter...

First up:

Next up:

Final round for you:

Peace...Naila Moon

Spotlight Dancers


  1. Those are all favorites of mine! And the second one is a huge favorite of Princess Nagger. :) Thanks for playing along with us again, Naila! :)

    At Last a Good Feeling Like My Dog and You

  2. Oh I love Seal so! I feel so bad for him.
    Great selections you have!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!


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