Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinterest love...

Have you caught the bug that is going around? You know the Pinterest bug?
Oh my gosh, I have! I so love that site now. People have said it is addicting and it is, I think even more than Facebook! Is that possible?

As if I was not already head over heals for this site, I found a blogger that feeds right in to that. Her name is Natasha (how could I not love that name) and she has a weekly meme that links up with Pinterest. Whee....

If you want a fun time. I suggest link up!

So, since this is my first time linking up with her meme. I am posting (per her "rules) the pins or a pin I have found interesting to me this week.  I am also posting the link to my board in case you might want to follow me. It is after all, all about having fun!
Again, I say...whee....

Naila Moon's Pinterest 

My Pins for the week:

This week happens to be my Grand-daughter's 2nd birthday. I am throwing her a small gathering and wanted to have a themed party.  I found this from another blogger. Too cute!

The other pin I have for you came by me because I am just really in to reading right now and was looking up the subject books. This cute idea for your home popped up. I swear if I had a home library, I would do this!

Happy pinning!
~Naila Moon

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  1. OH yes, I've fallin in love with pinterest! I didn't know that there was how a blog hop thing....yes! i'm so joining in!


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