Monday, January 23, 2012

My nephew, leukemia and the shocker I received

A while back I mentioned to you that my nephew had been diagnosed with leukemia. It has been a hard thing to take it that anyone has cancer but especially when that "someone" is only eight years old.

It has been tough to know my nephew was half way around the world and I simply could not do much for him or his parents but support them as I could.

However, recently I read an article (attached below) about my nephew which was written by his sister.  I have to tell you when I saw his photo (which she also took) I could not help but cry.  It took me aback to say the least.

If you note in the article she tells how my nephew's bone marrow donor also has backed out.  I am not sure how someone could live with themselves knowing they have the opportunity to save a life but it is what it is.

I urge you to please, please, PLEASE get yourself tested if you are able too. If you are not a match for my nephew, you might be for someone else...maybe even in your own family. Think about it. Here is the link for giving you info. to donate:

Peace...Naila Moon

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