Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...Sept. 18th...I'm back!

Welcome back to 10 thoughts Tuesday. The day I give 10 random thoughts off the top of my head. Want to join in? Grab the thinker button and pop off your 10 on your page.  Here we go...


1. It feels good to be back blogging again. It seems I just needed some time away to regroup or whatever.

2. I found out for sure my daughter is having a boy. He is due in December. His name will be Parker. Cute right?

3. I love baby clothes shopping. Good thing I have little money or I would probably blow it all on baby clothes!

4. Did I tell you that Tamirisc and I are back in Colorado? It is good to be back here and not to have to share our place with anyone else.

5. Our apartment is huge! We have room to move and breathe.

6. The last 3 weeks before I moved back, I was sharing a room with my 2 year old grand-daughter. I loved being with her but sometimes her waking me up was...interesting.

7. I will have to blog another time about some of her "experiments" as I call them. Those are 2 year old challenges.

8. Have you read some of the crazy things happening in the world lately? Sometimes I think, "What are these people thinking?"

9. Do you know I have 3 other blogs? They are totally different than what you find here.

10. Do you like my 10 thoughts post? I know my friend Debra does, just wait, she will tell me so. lol  

1. Have a good week.
2. Come on Fall! It happens this Saturday! Whee...I love Fall!

Naila Moon


  1. I like your 10 thoughts....sometimes those random thoughts are all we have....and they offer worthwhile insights. Congrats on the upcoming baby...I love to buy/look at the baby clothes too. I understand how nice it is to be alone and have room to breath too! :-)

  2. I do, I do, I do :) apparently my comment didn't post the first time.. ;) I love random insights into your mind ;)


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