Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mondays Music...Sept. 24, 2012

Welcome back from the weekend everybody. It is time again for another installment of Mondays Music Moves or sometimes called, the 4M's. 

This fun meme is hosted by Xmas Dolly and the dance train crew. Pack your bags, hop on board and let's boogie!

This week the theme is songs the year your children were born or if you do not have children your fur babies.

My kids a few years back
My crazy kids, now!
These two make me laugh something fierce. Oh yeah and they both do like their music just like their Momma! Let's rock with them shall we?

From 1987, the year my daughter was born:

From 1989, the year my son was born:

By the way, my hubby is Spotlight Dancer this week. Whoo hoo...yeah, baby! Go by and send him some good vibes will ya?

~Naila Moon


  1. Yo girlfriend check it out time to turn up the speakers with my girl Bette Midler, what a voice. Time to really move it - move it! Sent your spotlight hubby his dues this morning! He's one special dude lovin' those babies as his own! You're one lucky girl AND YOU ROCK TOO! HEY PEOPLE MY GIRL HERE NEEDS SOME FOLLOWERS! LET'S DO IT YO YO YO -

  2. Girl these songs will NEVER lose they guzum for me! I LOVE them all! Ooh I used to dance and dance until I felt drunk!

    You have wonderful kids. I love when my kids have things in common too!

    Thanks for joining our music crew today!

  3. My third and fourth children were born these same years. What great songs, too. Have a great week, Danielle

  4. These are fabulous picks, but the 80s put out some solid gold tunes! I love Gloria Estefan! You did alright this week, girl. Love, love dancing with you!

  5. totally heard my childhood in those song choices
    Come Say HI


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