Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...Sept. 25, 2012


Hey everybody it is early evening here on a Tuesday and I certainly meant to post my 10 Thoughts for you before now.
Yep, today is the day where random thoughts are king and I am the queen! LOL

1. I am one happy camper right now. It has been raining and everything has cooled off. I have been so dang hot that it it totally welcome!!!

2. Two words...hot flashes! UGH!!!

3. Did I happen to mention before how much I love Fall? Oh, yes, I do!

4. *shameless plug alert* By the way, beginning October 1st, I will be posting a daily Halloween post. Check back for those.

5. Question: Do you like it when there are reviews with give-aways? I am considering doing some in the near future.

6. I have a headache. Where is my Tylenol?

7. I just saw that it is snowing in the mountains. Oh the ski bunnies will be happy!

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8. Today I finally got all my suitcases cleared out and put away. In one of them that I had bought from the Goodwill, I found two wedding bands. 

9. The one is silver but I do not know if it is real silver or not. If it is, I am going to go visit a local Pawn Star. lol

10. Well, here I am once again at the end. Enjoy the rest of the evening and we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Naila Moon

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  1. Hey there...I finally had a moment to read these :) !!!
    Been traveling tooo much. You my friend need to email me with your new address because I have a postcard to send you! :)


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