Friday, June 28, 2013

Link up to others...AKA Google Friends Connect is going away soon


Surely by now you have heard that Google Friends Connect is going to say goodbye to all of us on Blogger soon. That really stinks to think that we will lose all our Google Connect friends.

Having said that, I saw another blogger who was having a link up and I thought I might have one here too. The big difference is, I am allowing you to link up any other social network you want or need followers on. eg; Networked Blogs, Bloglovin', Linky Followers, Tumbler even Pinterest

It will be open for 30 days. So, you have plenty of time to link up but the sooner the better.

 NOTE: Do not link up Facebook or Twitter.

1. Please make sure to link separately each link you want followed.
2. Follow Me (courtesy here folks) 
3. Follow at least the two people in front of you and anyone else you wish
4. Post the button to your blog to tell others about this link up and follow


  1. Thanks for the linky Girlfriend. Cool idea, but if you want choices to me made shouldn't you have more than one link up like one for linky followers & one for twitter, etc.? Just sayin. Or I guess just this way & people can enter in as many as they want to just put what for. I dunno.. just ramblin' here. ooooooo give-aways. Bye for now I have to go browse... Any one wanna follow me? hehehehe
    You go girl look at all these give-aways you have... got to browse now bye

  2. They've been saying GFC is going bye bye for years.


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