Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Song...June 6, 2013

Hello my lovely friends.
Today is Thursday, the day I give thanks to all that is. Although, in truth, I am thankful everyday, I just blog it today! ;-)

Anyway, I have been laid up in bed for two days with terrible back spasms. Ok, terrible is not even the right word. Let's go with horrible shall we? However, this is not what I wanted to talk about.

What I do want to talk about is tears...crying and the grace from it.

We cry for many different reason, hurt, joy, and pain.
In all of it, we find a release that is sometimes so over whelming that we do not know what to do. Yet. it is a release.

I have cried many times in my life for all of the reasons I mentioned above. Yesterday, being in pain, was no exception. My Tamirisc held me as I cried because really what else could he do?

Today, I am thankful for those times I have cried. Those times when I just needed to let go to be released from what every those tears were brought on by.

I am also thankful for the ones who held me as I cried: my parents, my friends, my husband, my children and The Creator. Their comfort in pain or their happiness in joy are so much appreciated.

I found this song today that I want to share with you.

I hope for you peace in your house today. Don't forget to link up so I can share thankfulness with you.

Hugs and peace,
Naila Moon


  1. I am so sorry you weren't feeling well. Glad you are able to find gratitude even amidst your suffering. Hope your back is doing better soon. Thanks so much for hosting.

  2. I totally love this song! Talk about bringing tears to my eyes and feeling the Lord. This man's voice is superb! The harmonies are perfect. His emotion is right there! It almost makes a person feels good when they didn't to begin with. I can see why you chose this song. Healing prayers go out for you my friend.

  3. Hi Naila! Just "met" you at Lucy's Reality through the post about you two meeting. I've yet to meet a blogger buddy in real life, but I have some tentative plans. So glad you guys got to meet.
    As to the crying, oh my yes, is it therapeutic. I understand chronic pain, acute pain, injuries, etc. I've had 16 surgeries...and spent 11 years as a chronic pain patient.
    Great song choice!
    Tina @ Life is Good


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