Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...June 24, 2013


Happy Monday ya all! Hope the weekend was wonderful for you.
Did you get to see the super moon? I missed it! Whaa....

Ah well, I may have missed that but I am not missing the 4M's today. This week is Freebie week. I know many of you like the weeks you can pick anything. So, have at it. Let's see what you have!

Of course this is hosted by none other than Xmas Dolly and her crew of Stacy, Callie and Cathy. Oh yeah, and of course there is little o' me as honary co-host. Guess what? I am staying on through July too! Whoo hoo!

SO on to it.

I thought since there was a Super Moon to be seen this last couple of days, I would start off with this song.

Next up a man with the last name of a planet singing about talking to the moon. *grins*

This singer (my Dad's favorite) sings to the moon in Italian. Don't worry, there is English translation.

Here is one where Clark Gable, yes THE Clark Gable sings about the color of the moon.

Then there is how the moon looks like food. *chuckles*

And of course, you can never gone wrong when the Muppets sing about anything.

Have a good week. Don't forget to link up!
~Naila Moon


  1. I am looking up at that Super Moon right now. It is so bright here in our desert night. That moon is lighting up everything. My husband says that now is the time to be on guard for an earthquake.

  2. What a fab collection I especially like the Clark Gable vid heheh!

    Have a fantabulosa week ;-)

  3. My sister reminded me to get outside and see the moon, lucky me and these songs definitely covered the moon lol. Oh, Clark Gable, making him sing, poor guy. Love the muppets and DEAN MARTIN, something about that guy :)

    Have a great day!!!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  4. The Muppets! My favourite. Thanx for making me smile and I just adore the song Moon River...

  5. MoonRiver is one of my most favourite songs. I am an Audrey version girl though.
    And Clark Gable -- wow, that was cool to see him as song and dance man!!
    The Muppets.. haha. do penguins quack though? IDK. :)

  6. What a great theme! How fitting! I always love those Muppets. I hope the super moon beams down on you all week!

  7. Love your choices and how appropriate is that. All moon tunes! Clark Gable one is definitely a find!!! Love Bruno Mars too! How cute an Italian song! My mama would've loved that one for sure, and Dean Martin she would... what's the word? Oh yes, swoon! hehehe Way ta go girlfriend! And no cannot follow anyone any longer in Networked blog. How many have you followed already?

  8. LOVE your choices, Naila! Especially since you tied up the Super Moon in a nice cool package. ;) And the Muppets are always a favorite for sure! :)

    If You Want Some It Goes Like This with a Little Bit Of Everything Blowin’ Smoke in Cups

  9. I love, love, love to hear Dean Marting sing!

  10. It is definitely all about the moon up in here :) I love the list.

    Thank you for sharing girl.
    Wish I had gotten to see the moon in it's loveliness!

  11. Great post! I see you like the crooners too. :-)

  12. Really fun & cool theme for freebie week, dearie! I didn't get to see the super moon this go around. Boo-hoo-hoo! That's always so neat to see. Anywho, I love all of your tunes & love having you as honorary co-host this month. You rock, girlfriend!

  13. I think I'm falling for Bruno Mars. Don't tell my husband.

  14. Wow - that's a lot of moon tunes! I caught the super moon around 2 am (EST). It didn't seem bigger but was super bright!

    Thanks for popping by - best wishes for a wonderful week

  15. Every time I hear Moon River I love imagining a beautiful couple dancing to it.



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