Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monday's Music Moves Me: The British Invasion 3/10/14

What a fun time we get to have today for Mondays Music Moves Me...the British Invasion!
However, before we get to that, I want to welcome back Stacy from her long hiatus. Welcome back!
In addition, I want to thank Becca who stood in place for her. We appreciate you a ton and you are welcome to fill in any time! You rock!


Our Spotlight Dancer is...Patrick Weaseman.

Their has been some amazing music come from our friends across the way and I truly love a lot of the music.

First up: I have always said I was born too late as I missed the whole flower power and all that. Yeah, I think I would have been a hippie that handed out flowers to everyone. Anyway, this song by the Zombies was produced the year I was born!

Next: In 2012, there was a live concert on TV for Sandy Relief. Tamirisc and I watched in its entirety. The WHO played on forever and everyone ate it up. Here is the group in 2012 and back in their hey day!

Next up: This group I am not as familiar with but I do know some of their music. I am including them here because...well, check out their dance moves. You gotta love it!

I am going with this one because I love the beat of it. The music is funky and it is simply great.

There is so much great music that I could go on and on but I am going to stop with...yes, a Beatles one. I wonder why I might like this song? Although in truth, I used to hate it! Can you imagine?


  1. The Zombies and The Who are two excellent British groups. Growing up, I had no clue that these bands were from Great Britain. I couldn't hear their accents at all. So, later on in life I was really surprised to find this out. I love all the flashbacks with these oldies you shared. Nice fun on the dance floor!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome back, Naila! Those are all awesome choices - love the Who! :) Have a marvy week - and have fun on your vacay next week! :)

    Burn Last Night with Hand On Heart because I Need Your Love

  3. Fun choices loved The Zombies and was a big fan of Donovan & The Beatles all bring me back to my early schooldays

    Have a great week & welcome to Britain heheh!

  4. What wonderful choices you have got here mate! Also, thank you for remembering to say everything I have forgotten to say about our mate Stacy returning to the fold, and our gal Becca being such a wonder. I've had so much on my mind that I totally forgotten and I feel like bird poop for forgetting. I knew in my heart you would definitely post Michelle which is one of my favorites so I saved it for you! LOL HUGS YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE ONCE AGAIN MATEY!

  5. What beautiful places you visited there. The Church and some of those houses looks like doll' houses, they are just gorgeous! Glad you had such a wonderful holiday, and have so many memories to treasure.
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    1. Did you actually read this post Laura?

  6. The Who Baba O'riley sound fun. I used to sing along Michelle. But it's Season of the Witch that I clicked on right away; got attracted to the title :)

  7. My kind of music right here! I am so happy someone included Donovan and The Zombies - "Time of the Season" is one of my favorite songs ever. They were just a teensy bit before my time, but that's alright. Great music transcends generations!

  8. I really like The Who when I was young. My sister probably still has their albums. Well my sinus problems seem to be getting better. I stopped taking Zirtec and switched to Claritin. Just might be helping.

  9. I usually don't know the group, but know the song.
    These are really cool!
    Sorry I'm late. Been so crazy here at home and still going!
    Happy weekend!


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