Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monday's Music Moves Me...Freebie Time 3/3/14

Where did my weekend go? Seriously, Monday already?
Monday's Music Moves me hosted by Xmas Dolly, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Cathy of Curious Cathy, Callie of Jamerican Spice and me!


The Spotlight Dancer this week hubby, Tamirisc from Chronicles of the Man Cave!

Did you watch the Oscars? I did briefly...yawn...was bored with it...then looked for some inspiration for this post elsewhere. Last week our musical selections were all about inspiration. I thought this week that I would carry on that theme even though it is technically a "freebie week.

As I mentioned last week, I am inspired by many types of music. I don't know if you know or not but I often pin music to my Pinterest board. I thought I would pull some of those songs for this weeks post of inspiration as well as a couple of new.

First up: This is not so much singers as is just the whole piece and video is inspiring. I just found this last week!

Next: This gal I have found to be amazingly inspiring since another blogger here introduced me to her.

Let see...I think I have posted this song before but it is well worth the repeat. The main verse is good to hear especially when you get in the muck of things.

I want to include this song posted originally from another blogger because love can be inspiring. This is a beautiful sentiment.

Finally, even though I was bored with the Oscars, I am not always bored with the music. This was an inspiring piece from the past. It still gives me cold chills!


  1. Such wonderful choices. I love the Les Miserables also I still think Hugh should've won an Oscar. He gave me chills in that movie with just his acting not to mention his singing. That girl playing the violin is a very unique entertainer I would say. Such talent, and your first video I don't know why it reminded me of the Christmas houses that light up at Christmas time to music. LOL Great job my friend.

  2. Nice choices some new to me the first one is good, clever too ;-)

    Have a fantabulistic week ahead and don't do anything I would

  3. Nice selection and enjoyed the different genres. Yeah; the Oscars were pretty boring over all. Have a great week!

  4. Lindsey Stirling is always fantastic! The first time I heard Hugh Jackman sing I was totally surprised & impressed. I have always liked Hugh and when he came to town a few years ago for a premier of one of his movies, I loved his gracious personality with our local reporters from one of the TV stations. Great freebie songs. Have a songtastic week, dear!

  5. Cool idea sharing your pinned music. Happy Monday! By the way, I'm loving your St. Patty's Day Theme.

  6. Great variety , Naila - luv'd Anna's voice - lots of new to me selections [plus pinning your music is a cool idea!]
    HapPy Dancing...

  7. Such awesome talent with that violin!
    I want to do that.

    And I did enjoy that movie. Les miserables. I want to watch it again.

    Thanks for the great selections Naila.

    Have a blessed week!

  8. Enjoyed your picks, my dear. I, too, love your shamrock design for the upcoming St. Paddy's Day. Dang, makes me think longingly for corn beef and cabbage.

  9. It's amazing what can be done in a video; the violin is cool; but my favorite has to be Les Miserable. Fantastique!

  10. Thanks for stopping by. I just don't think most of this is my type of music, but I guess it's what mood I am in.

  11. VERY cool violin video; ;loved your other selections, too :)


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