Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monday's Music Moves Me Rocks My World! 3.31.14

Hello my fabulous musical people and hello to the rest of the world too!
I am back from vacation. Did I ever actually leave? That is up for debate, but none-the-less, I am at least back in full swing to the blogsphere and ready to rock out for Monday's Music.

This fun weekly meme is hosted by the musical queen, Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by all those lovely musical princesses, Stacy, Cathy, Colette and me! Put on your best crowns or tiaras and of course your best dancing shoes and let's rock!

This weeks Spotlight Dancer is...Becca!


Since I am back in a new frame of mind, with new bloggy look for the month,  new week and new month approaching (YEAH, SPRING). I am completly ready for this weeks theme which is...FREEBIE!

First up: Did you ever wonder who the people were behind the songs?

Next up: This song has been a long time favorite. It is nice to see the real singer and his expressions as he sings.

Let's keep this going shall we? How about this one? I remember singing this song and the way it made me feel as it does even today.

Finally: This song has no video per se to it. Simply close your eyes and drink it this song. It is new to me and fantastic! I think it may become my anthem. :) Let's enjoy the newness.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Many beautiful choices here my friend. Welcome back, and hope you had a great vacation. The last one is a new one for me too, but very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know all these songs and love them as much as you do Naila. Hope you had a great vacation and I'm glad to see you back in full swing. Happy Monday! And I hope you have a great week!

  3. Fab choices classics too, good voice on the last one :-)

    Have a musictasticated week and don't do anything I would :-)

  4. How interesting, last Thursday I did a post on Which Disney Princess Are You? and this morning you're talking about princesses and tiaras, and you open with a Disney song. What a coincidence this is! lol Glad to have you back from vacation. I hope you had a good time. But, if you are feeling like I so often do after a return from a trip, then you're saying I need a vacation from my vacation about now. I loved all of your freebie picks this morning. Have a tunetastic week!

  5. Louis Armstrong is a little popular today. Hearing the song, I think it's time we watched Aladdin again. Have a great one!

  6. They're all my fave songs! The new one is also beautiful.

  7. Welcome back!
    You have some of all my favorite music up here!
    Thank you!

    And have a fun week!

  8. Welcome back! and with one of my favourite songs: no one does that song like Armstrong. Ever.
    I knew Celine Dion did the one from Beauty and the Beast - the radio version. But Angela Lansbury sings the one in the movie.
    And my kids have already picked up on how many animated songs contain the name Elton John.
    that's how I know I am rocking parenting and music 101. ha


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