Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Almost Forgetting It Was April Already Post #atozchalllenge

April already? It dawned on me...oh say, an hour ago...that one quarter of the year has almost gone by.
Having such a busy day today, I had seemingly forgot it was April and what I have done for the last four years during this month.

No, not Easter egg hunting.
No, not rejoice that Spring is here. It is here, right?
No, not tiptoe through the tulips!

What I forgot is I actually blog straight for the entire month of April for the A-Z challenge. Technically, we only have to blog just 26 days, taking off Sundays but I sort of give a bonus on Sundays. No letter mind you, just a blog.
I have been very successful with this challenge for the most part except in 2011 when my life was a living nightmare. Let's not go there though.

Since, the challenge for this year has snuck on me, I have no theme in mind nor have I properly prepared as in the past. So, this will probably be a fly by the seat of my pants month. However, I shall prevail! Who knows, I may have a theme by the time I get to "B" tomorrow but then again...


  1. You are brave! I pre-wrote half of mine and regret not writing them all. Will be interesting to follow along and see what you can do off the top of your head. That shows great talent! ☺

  2. Good luck with it! It snuck up on me too, since my March was crazy, so I'm not as far ahead as I usually like to be.

  3. I've never done this. What's it all about?

  4. I debated joining this year, but I had so much original writing backlogged in journals that I have been wanting to get on the blog. I enjoy reading others those - good luck!


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