Monday, April 7, 2014

Frustration and Creativity #atozchallenge

Frustration indeed! I found this excellent and short quote. It so fits for me today so much that I am so frustrated with so many thing that I am sure that I could repaint the Sistine Chapel!

Ok, maybe not but it has been frustrating day for sure!

Having said that though, I can see where art and the frustration of it creates more art. Think about this...
I start a painting or postcard or...well, any piece of art. I might have an art prompt even. I am excited and have all the stuff I want to use on the piece. 

Then wham! I draw an absolute complete blank! I have no idea what to do. I have no idea if someone else will like my piece. I simply have no idea! Frustrations in-sues...ugh!

Then a creative idea hits and wham...I am off and running again!
Then it does not seem right to me or the piece is drying too slowly or any number of things to cause more frustration.

Then in an instant creativity hits again and I am off in yet another unexpected direction.

Just a sampling of some pieces
Yes, it really is like that!


  1. Frustration. What a great word for f.

  2. so we're trying to use frustration as a trigger for further creativity. NIce idea, let's see if it works for me!

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    A-Z of hotels

  3. Oh, I agree. I think there is a switch in the brain that shuts on and off for creativity. Some days it seems to be short circuited. :-)

    Your art is wonderful! Enjoy the A to Z! :-)


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