Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TAG, You're It! #atozchallenge

TAG, YOU'RE IT! We used to yell wildly as we played on the playground of our school or even at home on our vast land. There were endless games we played and ran around like crazy banshees.

The games were sometimes not just poking someone in the ribs as we tagged them but the game of freeze tag where we had to stand still until someone came and rescued us.  There are tons of variations of the game. Here is a list if you would like to know some of them.

I don't remember ever liking being "it". Maybe it was because of the whole chasing after people. *chuckles* I don't know really. It seems like it was just one pain in the toosh but yet, I played the game a ton of times. I suppose it is the way it is when you are a kid or at least when I was.

Did you ever think about the fact that sometimes we still "play" freeze tag as adults? We become "tagged" in life for some reason or another and we then do not move forward. We are "frozen" in place waiting for someone or something to rescue us. It is sort of nutty in some ways but also understandable in others.

I guess I will be  "it" one more time and play this game called life. TAG YOU'RE IT... get moving and go have some fun!

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