Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monday's Music with a big ole X!

Hello my fellow musical peeps. I have my dancing shoes on and ready to hop on the dance floor with Monday's Music Moves Me. This fun weekly meme is of course hosted by the dancing queen, Xmas Dolly with co-host, Cathy, Callie, Stacy and me!

Our Spotlight Dancer is...J. Lansky. Whoot!


It is freebie week here which means we get to pick our own tunes to subject...umm, I mean...share with each other. It is a lot of fun and we tend to get a musical education.
Since I am still in the April A-Z mode, I am incorporating the letter of the day with my music. You are not going to believe it, but we are on the letter "X". Whoa...

I suppose the first piece that comes to mind is singer, Olivia Newton John, with her song, Xanadu:

Next,  Beoyonce who has the vocal pipes that just don't quit with her song, XO:

This last piece was a surprise to me. This is the rock band Rush with a song also called Xanadu:
(Note: it is 11 minutes long but well worth the listen )

BONUS: This is an album from Michael Jackson with his song, Xscape. The album is to come out May 13th with new music that has never been heard.


  1. Nailia, you're too funny - but sometimes we are subjected to music we normally wouldn't listen too, hahahahaha. But that's the fun of it too. Well you got the "Xs" covered with your picks this week. Great job and Happy Monday!! (pssst...someone else has Xandu too.)

  2. I think Xanadu is going to be a popular pick amongst those doing the A-Z Challenge who love music. I thought about using songs that started with the letter, but then none of them really spoke to me. So, I just went with the entire Xanadu soundtrack. :D Have a xtra-special day!

  3. I like your choices this week Xanadu is very popular today although I do understand why, it brought back some memories too we used to call Olivia Newton John, Olivia Neutron Bomb heheh! I was a big fan of ELO

    Have a xanadutastic week ahead :-)

    Leaves blog whilst still bopping

  4. Look at you getting all creative with your 'X' choices! ;) Love your choices as usual, Naila! :) Have a great week!

  5. I really liked the Zanadu from Olivia Newton John. Reminded me of being a kid and hearing it on the radio.

  6. I was wondering what you were going to do for your "X" post. Love it!

  7. I figured Xanadu would be all over the net for the letter X, but there is none better for X.

  8. I mean dang lady, you're comin' up with some songs here! Talkin' about Rockin' the House! Whew! I never heard any of these songs except the first one. You even found a Beyonce song I haven't heard. Woo Hoo! YOU SO ROCK! GREAT JOB!

  9. I am so happy that Xanadu was here!
    both versions!

  10. I haven't seen that Newton movie, but I might.

    And when I heard that MJ had new music coming out I was like WHAT? He is dead.
    That's some interesting thing eh.

    Thanks for rocking.

    1. Well, yeah, he is certainly dead but his family keeps the estate and they like the money he generates. So, finding new music or music he never published is certainly on the top of their lists.


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