Thursday, April 24, 2014

Unique, are you? #atozchallenge that possible?
Is it really possible to live in a world where they tell us to be unified in our resolves, be unified in thought, be unified in actually be unique?

I think so.

I do not need to brag about my uniqueness like others do or choose to do because that is part of their job...think Hollywood. To me that is not being unique, it is bragging to make yourself look good.

No, to me uniqueness is how we feel about ourselves. How we act, dress, choose I know people who wear their hair in wild colors because they like it, they like how they feel. It is unique about them.

I know people who are boisterous, loud and almost intimidating but their uniqueness comes from the fact they would give you the world if they could, even the shirt off their back.

I know people who have not a penny to their name, nor the best clothes, or some who even do not have a home but they will smile at you and say hello, just to make your day not asking anything in return. That is their uniqueness.

I know people who can write books, can do beautiful art, can take lovely photos. All of these are unique for them.

Do you strive to be unique or are you just unique?
Tell me a little about you and what makes you unique. I am listening.


  1. Sometimes my ego thinks I'm unique and then I open my eyes and realize I'm pretty run of the mill.

    1. Ah but there is something unique about everyone. What is it for you?


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