Friday, April 11, 2014

Jewelry My Grandmother Loved #atozchallenge

Jewelry is one of those things that most of us enjoy wearing. Yes, I do mean men and women. Some of us like costume jewelry and some of us like strictly diamonds. Others of us are just ok with a mixture of both.

My Grandmother coveted her jewelry like I covet my books. She had drawers full. I kid you not!
Every piece she ever owned was in the original box it was given or bought in. Grandma also knew where every piece came from including who gave it to her and dates given. As I said she coveted the pieces no matter how large or small.

There was reason for this though. My Grandma grew up during the depression era and was not the oldest of her siblings which was mostly sisters. Her clothes were made and if there was jewelry, it belonged to her Mother, or it was her wedding ring given by my Grandfather. She only had two dresses for years.

Jewelry was only truly collected after my Grandparents married at 18 years old. Then it was collected along with shoes, purses, and clothes. Even into her very old age she still wore costume jewelry. She always matched her jewelry with her outfits...earrings, necklaces and sometimes rings.

When she passed away in 2011, it was of course a given that my Mother being the only girl would receive all her jewelry. My Grandmother though made sure of it! In the will left by my Grandmother, was an extra small piece of paper that had been notarized and written in my Grandmother's hand. The paper said simply that all of her jewelry would go to my Mother!

Grandma knew that her jewelry might be an issue among some family members and she made sure it wasn't. What a hoot she was! Needless to say, my Mother inherited the boxes and boxes. I will inherit all of it after my Mom's passing.

The wonderful thing though my Mother did was went through much of Grandma's jewelry and selected a piece or two  for each of my girl cousins, nieces and Great-grandchildren. She wrapped it up and gave it to them for Christmas that same year of her passing.

I was allowed to pick my own piece and it was the bracelet that you see above. The photo does not do it justice as it is pearl-ish inlaid in gold.

I am not a cove-tor of jewelry like my Grandma, in fact, I wear very little and I could not tell you where most of my jewelry that I do have came from. This piece though, I can and it is very special to me. It will always be taken care of along with a wonderful story to tell of how I received it.

Do you have a piece you love? Tell me about it.


  1. Beautiful. I remember both events, where your mom selected and wrapped the Jewelry and allowed you to select the bracelet. I also remember her having me find boxes to wrap the jewelery in. Your Grand mother was to say the least unique.

  2. My mama loved her jewelery too mostly earrings. I have so many old timey earrings of hers that I just cherish. She even saved her broken stuff. The broken stuff I gave away to Kayla to make new jewelery. She was very grateful, and happy. So was I. Thanks for you sharing this wonderful memory of yours. Hugzzzz & Have a great weekend Luvy!

  3. I rarely wear jewelry, including my wedding ring. I know I am married. :-) But, I do have a favorite piece and that is the Mama's bracelet which her Mama gave her when she a child. The gold bracelet is quite simple, but elegant and sweet in look at the same time. Thanks for getting me to think about it.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  4. I am not a big jewellery collector either, but I have a few treasured pieces from my life. Sweet sixteen diamond studs that I got. My grandmother's pearls for my wedding day. A beautiful pair of earrings given when I was expecting an engagement ring in that little box: but which serve to remind me that sometimes when life says "no" - it really is for the best. And of course my one of a kind wedding/engagement bands designed by the real Mr. Right! :)
    I also love interesting necklaces. They don't even have to be gems - one of my favourites was a seashell. I wore it until it basically fell apart.


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