Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Sayings: Palm Sunday/ Scrabble Day & Library Week

Today begins a full week before Easter, that is Palm Sunday. It is also National Scrabble Day and the beginning of National Library week. This is only Sunday and there is much more going on this week too.

However, I found quotes just for today's events. Enjoy.
Join me later on this evening for Monday's Music.

~Naila Moon

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  1. Now aren't you the creative one - killing two projects with songs with the letter "L" - but it worked. It's been a while since I've heard Minnie Riperton's Loving You or the Delfonics' La, La, I Love You, so you did good - even had Kermit representing his "L" song, hahahaha. Thanks for the fun music Naila and I hope you have a great week! Happy Monday!


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon