Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Music is Life, Miniature Size! #atozchallenge

My miniature post today comes via a third generation. As I have posted many times before, I have an insatiable love for music. It is something my husband and I truly share on almost an equal plane. My kids love music too and now, that has been passed on to a third grand-kids.

I recently made this art piece from a photo my daughter posted on line of my 1 year old grandson. Doesn't he look happy to be listening to music? I cannot say what he was actually listening too but it really does not matter. The torch is being passed! Music is life!

Today I will share a couple of  "M" pieces of music for you and in honor of my miniature musical munchkin and the beautiful moon we have been seeing the last few nights. 


  1. My grandmother loved Dean Martin and this song. hehehe

  2. Moon River is one of my most favourite songs! I generally choose the Audrey version, but no matter who sings, it always strikes something in me.

  3. Huge fan of Dean Martin now that's what I call old school music. Brilliant..


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