Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy! #atozchallenge

Happiness eluded me yesterday, I was just in a funk.  No matter what seemed to come up in the day, it just did not make me happy. Call it depression or whatever you want but I could just not seem to snap out of it.

Sometimes for me, it is just like that.

However, as the quote for the day's letter says, "True happiness comes from within" and there is no doubt this is true. For the most part we really cannot rely on others to make us happy. We certainly try and think is the way but in truth, it is not.

Take for example the story of the man who had no shoes but he found two plastic bottles and crushed them. He then wrapped found cord around them and wore them as shoes. 

Was he still poor? Yes, in the face of others and they felt sad for him.
However, he was happy because he had shoes when others still did not. He felt content and felt rich.

Is it perspective? YES! 

Happiness is often perspective and how we feel of ourselves. Not what others see of us. Again, the only one that can really make us happy is ourselves. 
I often have to look within to see what truly makes me happy. 

When I find it, I cannot help but smile and my whole self exudes happiness.

This song has been floating around the net for months but it fits perfectly for today's letter "H". Enjoy!

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