Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cookies, are for me! #atozchallenge

Admit it, you sang this didn't you?

Cookies are one of the things I believe everyone in the entire world likes. There are such a vast variety that everyone can have their own tastes. Let's not forget Girl Scout cookie month!
For me, it is my Mother's chocolate chip cookies.


Believe me, I have had different people's offerings. I have even tried various restaurant chocolate chip cookies and no one can make them like my Mother. Of course, I like them right out of the oven when they are still ooey gooey. 

I certainly get why Cookie Monster has a love for the cookie. It is a little bit of love all wrapped up in a little package. The taste of yumminess that makes you smile. My Mother has occassionally sent me her chocolate chip cookies in the mail. That is like a slice of heaven.

Her recipe has been kept secret for years but in recent times she has handed it out to close family members. Yes, I know what it is but to tell would be sacraligious.

However, to make everyone happy, I will share a different recipe. I like Macadamia Nut Cookies too.
Make some cookies and enjoy!


  1. My favorite sugar cookie recipe is the one my mom made from an old Betty Crocker cookbook. No other sugar cookie at Christmas is the same.

  2. My oldest son was an original cookie monster. He had a cookie puppet, and he would con me out of cookies by, "Mommy, can I have a cookie?" & then he would say, "What about Cookie?" I did everything to control the laughter, and it was so smart that I gave Cookie one too with the stipulation that he better eat all his supper! LOL Thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory of mine. What is the half staff Alert thing for today??? Also, if you have time sure could use some comments on these reviews I have lately. Sheesh!!! Thanks.

  3. I love baking cookies, as well as eating them afterwards. And who doesn't love Cookie Monster? I baked chocolate chip cookies earlier this week, and I'm planning on baking some oatmeal raisin cookies later today.

  4. I just bought 5 boxes of Girl Guide cookies! We buy from the same girl every year - and I think this is her last year so I need a new cookie supplier!! I keep a couple of boxes out, and then freeze the rest to take on our summer camping trips.
    My fave though is my family shortbread recipe. Love shortbread.

  5. Cookies! :) We don't have anyone selling them door to door here. Good thing, probably, as I do have a sweet tooth. Love all kinds, but especially shortbread and oatmeal.
    Debbie @The Doglady's Den

  6. I agree homemade are the best.
    Gotta make a batch :)
    Happy A to Z


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