Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday's Music Moves Me...3.24.14

Hello all-
I am still on vacation this week but since the spotlight dancer for last week was kind enough to do another freebie this week, I had to play. So, hello for a quick post from Sedona,AZ. Beautiful area and quite peaceful.
Enjoy the music selections and I will see you next week.


  1. Nice choices I was only watching a film with John Denver in a month or so ago can't remember the name of it but it was a Christmassy film ;-)

    Have a tanfastic week ahead ;-)

  2. Heartlight and Rocky Mountain High are fabulous picks. Ronan Hardiman is absolutely new-to-me, but I really like your selection you shared with us. I'm gonna check out other tunes by this artist. Enjoy your vacation, dear. Will be looking forward to dancing with you when you return. ;)

  3. love that song Rocky Mountain High. great tune.
    I don't remember the other one from E.T.? which gives me a great excuse to watch the movie! :)

    1. Rory, Heartlight was not part of the soundtrack from E.T.

      Neil Diamond liked the movie so much, that he wrote the song afterword and it went on to be a hit.

      Great song, inspired by a family fun film.

      Just remember to "Phone Home."

  4. I've always enjoyed John Denver's songs sadlty he died too young.

  5. I LOVE Sedona, Arizona! Do have a wonderful time there. It may not be Rocky Mountain High, Colorado, but it does have some great rocks.

  6. Hon you did a remarkable jjob with your selections. I especially like the first piece, very beautiful and powerful all at the same time.

    Love Heartlight, have forever and Rocky Mountain high was one of my favorite John Denver songs of all time. Great selections.

  7. Enjoy your vacation!
    I've always LOVEd this song by Neil Diamond!

    Thank you for the tunes.

    Have a blessed, fun week!

  8. I really enjoy John Denver very much. We were given a huge album of all of his greatest songs. Have fun while you are still having fun!


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