Friday, June 20, 2014

Blog-a-thon kickin' it off! #blogathon2 6/23/14 AN UPDATE

Biannual Blogathon Bash

6/23/14 UPDATE
Well, I did not get through my goals for the blogathon this time.(See beginning blog below)
However, I did break a nail or two, I did manage to get some review/giveaways done. Sunday seemed like a bust for me as I could not focus on what needed to be done. I was so scattered.

Somehow, I missed all the Twitter parties but the very last one. That was fun. It was nice to catch up with some blogger buds too.

Over all, the blogathon is well worth the time and that is a true fact. Join in for the 2015 one to be announced soon.
~Naila Moon

Here it is again the blog-a-thon weekend where some of us bloggers...the cool ones of course (HA!)...take an entire weekend to do what we do best, blog!  Well, sort of anyway.

What happens really is many things that have to do with blogging. We all know that does not necessarily mean actual blogging as there is a lot of prep work too.

Blogging also means cleaning up our to do list, deleting the 1000 emails that have piled up, changing our backgrounds and making them look pretty,and really means so much.

That is the essence of blog-a-thon weekend to take the time to do all of it or at least a good chunk and yes, blog too.  Oh and participating in tweet chats and this blog-a-thon gets you some prizes too.

So, this is my start off point for the weekend. I am getting started late and I will be off and on with it as I have life plans this weekend too.

Are you attending? Let me know with a link and I will at least try to come say hello sometime this weekend.

~Naila Moon
This is some of the stuff I will be doing (hopefully):
1. Catching up on book reviews for my Reading Authors blog.
2. Doing a couple of reviews/giveaways on this blog.
3. Breaking a nail or two
4. HA! Just seeing if you were paying attention
5. Doing some mini challenges
6. Write a blog or two
7. Write part of my book
8.  I am sure there is much more but my brain is not wanting to write it.


  1. I think I signed up for that. I swear I need to keep a notepad next to me and write down what I've done & what I've got to do. :(

    1. You did and your kick off post was great!

  2. I am all about blog READING this weekend. When my laptop when into the repair shop - I got way behind this week. So, much tea will be brewed and hopefully I will get through them all AND one book.


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