Monday, June 9, 2014

Mondays Music...Your Musical Selections Part 1 #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Hello everyone, welcome back to Monday's Music Moves Me.
It is a sun-shiny day which is quite welcome after all the rain and tornado weather we had.

This weekly musical adventure is hosted by none other than Xmas Dolly and cot-hosted by Callie,Cathy, Stacy and myself. Oh and look at this...Becca has agreed to join (permanently) our musical train too. Whoo hoo!

Let's get moving shall we?

A few weeks ago I did a survey on Facebook of what my FB people might like to listen to. So, here is part one of those songs.

First up, from one of my best friends, Debra she chose this:

Next came from Rachel:

To round this day up. I did one of those goofy surveys on Facebook that half the time doesn't mean diddly squat. This one didn't either really. I think this one was what song represents you. So, this was my results.

Have a fantastic week. More of "your" music to come.
~Naila Moon


  1. Hi Naila! Lucky you having a sunny day - it's raining in my neck of the woods. I just know Alicia Keys but enjoyed all your other songs. I see you have other people picking for you - I have to try that, hahahaha. You got me movin' this Monday, thanks girl friend. Have a great week!

  2. I did that survey and got the song "You're Beautiful" as my song, so it must be legit. I love how Vanessa Carlton plays a cool piano while on the road.

  3. Luvin Alicia Keyes. She is absolutely gorgeous! Great pic there. Now your video for twix keeps going off and couldn't hear your music so I had to single it out.. that's better. So you did a survey huh? That's one unique idea... All these are new to me. WORK IT OUT GIRLFRIEND. Great job!

  4. Ahh yes so glad to have Becca!
    Definitely a fun list of music girl.
    Thanks for rocking out.

    Happy Summer week!

  5. Howdy Honey, Coming to you live from New Jersey. Catching a little time between watching baby and housework to stop by to say hello.

  6. Lost in You - great song!!!
    And I like Vanessa's voice -- I used to sing that song a lot.

  7. What a good idea, good mixture too I enjoyed those you gotta love Alicia Keys

    Have a Bowyangtastic week ;-)

  8. Love Alicia Keys she is amazing. I also love the song 1000 Miles it's one of my favorites. Thanks for a wonderful dance.


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon