Sunday, June 29, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe 200th Week Extravaganza & Giveaway

Xmas Dolly

It's finally here! Monday's Music Moves Me is celebrating its 200th musical episode. This could not have been done without the vision of that music queen, Xmas Dolly and her fantastic co-host of Stacy, Callie, Cathy, Becca and me.  Also, we are all grateful to each and everyone of you that comes by every week and spins a tune with us. The music keeps us going!

Since this is a special week, we ladies got together to celebrate by having a giveaway blog hop. Each of us has a different prize so you will have to go to each blog to see that prize. Becca and myself have prizes that are open to our international friends so, we did not forget about you too.

My prize is a book package set that includes authors, Michael Phillip Cash, Carole P. Roman and Linda Cadose.Paperback will be for USA winners only but an international winner will received a Kindle copy. In addition, the winner for my blog will receive 30 days of advertising on my blog for free.

Check out the giveaway below.

So, now on to the music. This week we kept it simple with a celebratory song and one about you (me).

First up, I have always loved this song by Kenny Loggins from the first time I heard it.

This may be an odd song to describe me but I have always loved the Monkeys and I love their theme song. So, I am going with this one!

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  1. Great picks. Although I didn't pick Kenny Loggins Celebrate Me Home for my theme song, I thought about it and almost did. Ha ha, close miss. I used to love the Monkeys, too. I had a huge crush on Mickey Dolenz.

    I'm entered in your contest because I love books and free advertising, too! I also love good ole rock 'n roll.

  2. Bring on the party Naila!
    It's going to be a fun week!

    Thanks for rocking the house and happy 200th to you!

  3. Fun choices The Monkees theme brought back some fun memories they used to be on every Saturday mornings here heheh!

    Have a tanfabulous week and don't do anything I would ;-)

  4. I have always liked the theme song for The Monkees TV show. That was my favorite show to watch when I was a kid, too. I had such a huge crash on Dave Jones. When they did their comeback tour in the early 80s I went with some friends from work and had a blast. Great memories! Have a tunetastic week, my friend!

  5. I was bopping along to that Monkees song.

    We've been rocking tunes for such a long time!!!

    Happy 200....enjoy the celebrations

  6. My favorite music is Country right now, but I have enjoyed most types of music.
    MMMM sure does liven up Mondays!

  7. Please Celebrate Me Home was a good one! And good 'ol Davy Jones. Happy 200th Week Naila! And keep rockin'.

  8. Ha - the Monkees one is a great one to describe this entire house I think! HA.
    Still love Kenny's voice.
    Yeah for 200th Celebration rocking the house!

  9. It's so neat to hear the Monkees again.

    For the giveaway - my favorite type of music is anything old.

  10. Well you know me girlfriend Rock n' Roll is the only music for me! So what you have here naturally makes my foot tap! I use to listen to that show all the time.. usually cleaning house I never really sat down to watch it though... hehehe Thanks for stickin' it out with me girlfriend it's been fun rockin' with ya... hope you'll stick around for the next 200 BWAHAHAHAHA lol


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