Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#Review: Saunders Supplies from Shoplet.com #shopletreviews

Not too long ago I told you my secret about coveting office supplies and how much I like them. Well, just a couple of days ago, I received more in the mail from Shoplet.com Wheeee....

This time it was like opening one of those awesome Christmas presents you sometimes get. You know what I mean, the one with one big thing and a bunch of little stuff. Yeah, that kind.

Most of the stuff was inside of this, the Saunders SlimMate Storage Clipboard

This time I received the following items for review:

*Saunders SlimMate Storage Clipboard
*Recycled hard back clipboard
*UHU Glue Stic
*UHU Glue 'n Style Pen
*UHU Tac Propower
*UHU Tac HomeDeco
*UHU Tac Adhesive Putty

As soon as I opened everything up, I started in using it. I like to do a lot of art-y stuff and having the UHU Glue Stic and UHU Glue 'n Style Pen was just what I needed.

 The UHU Glue 'n Style is nice to have as I can just put a pinpoint of glue on something or I could make a whole line of glue. The glue comes out clear and once it is on there, it does not come off.

The UHU Stic is also great to have because I can use that over or on top of pieces that I am gluing down on my artwork and the glue will not show. When you first use it, the glue looks blue but it dries clear.

Since I have been getting all these postcards in the mail I was able to use the UHU Tac to hang them up with. I also have a map which fell down the other day. I used this stuff on the back of it to hang it back up...no problem staying up! The UHU Tac is strong and seemingly reliable.

I am sure I will have many more projects and art work to hang up in the near future. Not to mention around Christmas time the UHU Tac will be quite handy to hang up decorations.

As mentioned I received two different kinds of clipboards. The first is a small hardback clipboard. I have not used it quite yet but it is small enough I can put my papers on it and use it right next to my laptop.

Finally, I also received the SlimMate Storage Clipboard that had all the stuff mentioned above inside of it. Scroll up again to the top and you can see my husband holding that product. This item came in pink which of course I like but it comes in different colors to choose from.

Here my husband and I talk about the product.


  1. Good review. I use UHU glue when I make my rubberstamp art greeting cards. Happy WW!

  2. Way ta go girlfriend! Very informative, and thank you for sharing, but I don't see any links or nothing as to where to get this stuff at. Hmmmm Go check your e-mail please. Thanks. Oh & I totally agree with you about it's like Christmas time... hehehehe


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