Friday, July 4, 2014

Making A U.S. Flag while being A Ninja! Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Back over Memorial Day weekend, I made a U.S. flag for my door. I did not get to post that for you, my readers, so what better time than for July 4th.

I found the idea on Pinterest although theirs was made out of a tiny pallet which of course I did not have. However, I looked at it and thought about paint sticks. So, in true fashion Tamirisc and I staked out the paint department of Walmart and picked up a few free paint sticks. *chuckles*

Side story: We were all acting really stealth getting these paint sticks which are free to begin with. There was no employee in the paint department and the sticks were under the counter in big boxes. Tamirisc goes to get some as I look on, only for the manager to come up and stare at us. He never said anything but me acting all guilty says, "We needed some paint sticks."

The manager turns out was not paying attention to us anyway. So, as soon as he left, we grabbed a few more! I shoved them in my purse. You know, all ninja like!

Back to the flag. So, once we were home with the paint sticks and I painted all of them with Gesso and then white first. I then painted in the left corner the blue field. I made my own tiny star stencil from a piece of scrap paper and a star punch I found at some store. Joann's Fabric perhaps?
Anyway, I made 5 star punch and then used it to make rows of white stars.  I did not do all 50 stars due to room.

I then painted and even amount of red stripes. I assembled them in order red and white. I glued each stick together with some Mod Podge. (Boy do I like that stuff!)
I duct taped the back for extra security and added an old black bead necklace to hang it with. I have since replaced that with simple brown twine which works better.

Finally, I hung it on my door and think it looks terrific!  What do you think?
Happy 4th of July everyone!

~Naila Moon, the Walmart Ninja


  1. Well, there ya go! Great job little girl! You for sure get a gold star! Where's mine??? hehehe Love the beads to hang it. :) Is very cool idea.

  2. Looks great. We have a huge flag, but we forgot to put it out this year.


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