Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sign It Saturday and Song-suasion

Good afternoon everyone. I suppose in actuality it is almost evening, so, good evening.

This is the day I want to post my ongoing quest to learn sign language but I have been busy today. Since that has been the case today, I thought I might combine a couple of post.

My friend, and co-host  Cathy, from Mondays Music, has a musical meme on Saturdays called, Song-suasion.  I thought I would combine some sign language with music. I hope that is ok with you as it is with me. Ha!

As I have said before, sign language can be and is a beautiful language. I found these songs that I think work perfect for today.

This first one is simply a review lesson of the alphabet.

This next one is just gorgeous!

This last piece is a musical piece I love but to have it in sign is even more brilliant!


~Naila Moon


  1. Signing is soooo beautiful set to music. I just love it! Thanks for mentioning Saturday Song-suasion. Have a great weekend, my friend!!

  2. Well, that surely took my mind off my toothache! Those are beautiful! I like the first one the best by Adelle. I lost my filling and naturally you cannot get a hold of a dentist on a weekend. Oh well! Thanks for sharing.

  3. these are so beautiful!! we have a gentleman in our church who signs all the hymns during our worship. it's so lovely to watch, and so nice for a few of our congregation who are deaf.


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