Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Review:Bi-silque-MasterVision-3-in-1-Planner from Shoplet #shopletreviews

I do not know about you, but if I do not have a calendar or planner of some sort with me, I would go stark raving mad. Seriously! I have too many appointments and things to do to keep it all straight in my head.

My Mother is the same way and she says, " If I don't write it down in my calendar it doesn't exist." She is funny at times.

Anyway, I was super happy when sent me this:

This is what they call the Bi-silique Master Vision 3-in-1 Planner. Huge name I know, but receiving this made my day! The company says it is, "A multi-tasking board that works well for busy people." That is simply no joke!

This planner is made of aluminum which makes it not overly heavy but still heavy enough to hold up to wear. It does come with a heavy duty mounting kit. I attached mine on a hall wall near my kitchen which is great because we can see what is coming up next.

This came with 3 round, strong magnets and also a cork area with pins at the bottom to hang up practically anything on the board. A nice little tray holds everything too.

Of course my favorite thing about the board is the dry-erase features. I can write all of my appointments or things to do on the planner/calendar or I can make a list on the left side of the board. Then when the new month comes...whoosh...I erase everything and start again.

To say the least, I am very very happy with this item. If you would like to pick one up for yourself, check it out HERE. It is pretty affordable too.

Thanks again,!
~Naila Moon

Disclosure: I received this product for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own.

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  1. Way Cool! This could work for me. Electronic devices are nice but I need something like this.


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