Monday, July 14, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Favorite Rock 'n Roll or Country Male Singers

Xmas Dolly
*Slides into the blog*  Thinks to self, "Oh geeze, I am late for the music today..."

Hi everybody. Quick post on my way out the door. It's Mondays Music Moves Me! WHOO HOO!!!
You know who host this...XmasDolly of course! Let us not forget the great co-hosts of Callie, Cathy, Stacy, Becca and me!

This week we have a theme which is favorite male Rock'n Rollers or male country singers. Well, I am about to surprise you but before we get to is the very last day to get in on the mega giveaway. Seriously, do not miss out on this. There is books, wine, music, and tons of stuff to be had. You can find the giveaway on my sidebar and also on the other gals pages too. You have to visit each of us to enter for the different prizes.

Ok, now the music!

First up: I have adored this singer from the very first time I heard him. He recently has come back into the limelight and I am so glad.

Next up: This singer I have liked for a few reasons. First of all he co-starred in the show, "Touched By An Angel", he is a kind and spiritual person,  but more importantly, he actually employed several of my family members.

Last singer I have for you is someone I actually posted last week. I simply have always liked him and his diversity of singing:

Have a good week! ~Naila Moon


  1. Luvin' the song Friends in Low Places.... such a great party song! You have all the greats here for sure! YOU'RE ROCKIN' THE HOUSE MY FRIEND! By the way I was just telling Danielle in her give-away I pinned it and it says 6-27 instead of 7.27 I'm going to go check mine now. I'll let you know! ROCK ON!

  2. for some reason the songs are not showing up for me.OH Well.

  3. Oh I love the country greats that you choose!! I don't care what anyone says "Love your Forever and Ever" is impossibly romantic. Every wedding dance must include.
    I saw Kenny Rogers when I was younger and Lady was one of my fave songs ever!

  4. Great picks Nalia! You know from your visit to Create With Joy that I love Garth Brooks but I am also a huge Kenny Rogers Fan!

    Have a wonderful week! :-)

  5. well what a difference a day makes. today i listend to the tunes. ZLady by Kenney Rogers,is a fave of mine.

  6. Great picks! I've sure got friends in low places. They're my fellow virtual DJ's on the KHEL 666 Krew, and I love them!
    Thanks for visiting KHEL 666 and for having this fun meme each Monday!

    DJ Koni

  7. Late? No such thing in music :)

    I love all your selections. One of my fave is low places. Turn it up loud! And Kenny will always be the voice!

  8. Puff, puff, pant, pant...sorry I'm late getting here. Okay, I'm not a big country fan but I love Garth, Travis and Kenny - so your choices this week are just fine by me. Wonder what Travis' problem is with gettin' drunk and going to church? Oh well. You rock the house with these selections - so good for you!

  9. It's great to have a personal connection to an artist. Woo hoo on your contest!

  10. Wow those are some great country singers. I love kenny, travis and garth. you had me smiling.


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