Thursday, October 8, 2015

10 Things I love about...FOOTBALL!

My favorite team (GO BRONCOS) is playing its best season ever!

The colors of the uniforms are pretty snazzy. Well, most are.

Wearing my team colors with pride.

Hearing my husband yell at the TV like a banchy.

Pizza, hot wings, chips, soda (and/or beer). Should I say more?


Watching the teams wear pink during October like a boss.

Watching the teams play in the snow when they cannot even see the lines and loving it.

When my team makes a touchdown and I can jump up and down on the couch and not look like an idiot.

Watching grown men knock each other down senselessly thrills me.


  1. Ha! I like your list. Sadly your darn Broncos beat my Vikings last week! I used to be a Broncos fan when I lived in CO, and Elway was QB. He was a bit arrogant though. I'm a yeller at the tv during the game no doubt. You'd probably agree with my list except it's geared to the purple and gold! =)

  2. "izza, hot wings, chips, soda (and/or beer)." That about sums up my love for the game. ;)


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