Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me Down In The Crypt Keeper's Crypt...Freebie Week

Howlllll-ooooooooo everybody. It is I, you favorite Crypt Keeper, Naila Moon. I am co-host of this wonderful Monday shin-dig we call Monday's Music Moves Me. I am always happy to co-host along with the other musical gals: Hostess:Xmas Dolly, co-hostess:Colette, and Stacy.  Let's go!

This week it is freebie week which is always fun because I get to see what you all can come up with and get that musical education once in awhile.

I am continuing on with my homage to Halloween music and invite you to come back daily for a selection of the day.

First up:
Ole Blues Eyes is his name, and crooning out the tunes is his game. I love this singer's voice and glad when  the occasion to post him pops up.

Next up:
This singer, take a twist on one of the creepiest families and neighbors I know out there, the Addam's.

I know a few people who are afraid of the furry pet spiders. However, when the Spookmeisters. The Who sings about them, I just want to scream!

Have a great week and see you tomorrow.


  1. I loved these Naila and I agree about Sinatra's voice

    I always like this time of year :-)

    Have a spookytastic day & get them luminaires out heheh"

  2. Spooky!
    Thanks for the spirited fun Naila.
    Have a great week!

  3. Spoooooooky! ;) I really enjoyed those - and I love that you're showing your Halloween Spirit for the entire month. :) Thanks for the witchcraft dance! ;)

    By The Way i’m gonna Eat Sleep Love You Repeat Like I’m Gonna Lose You so just Go

  4. man do I ever enjoy listening to frankies voise,and I will never get tired of listening to him.

  5. I guess it is that spooky time of year.


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