Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Halloween costumes of the past and a song from the crypt! #Halloween #Halloweenmusic

I thought I would share today some Halloween costumes I have worn since 2009. I would share more with you but those photos are lost somewhere. 

This was my costume in 2009. Obviously I went as a cat, albeit, a fancy one at that. I even wore a collar and immunization tag that said I was vaccinated for rabies. LOL

The previous year, I went as a nurse. It was the first time I had been to a Halloween Ball. That photo is lost right now.

I am not sure what happened to 2010 and 2011. I am not even sure I dressed up.
Anyway, in 2012 we were in a new apartment and had little trick o' treat-ers. This was the first year that we stayed home. I decided a quick witch would do.

In 2013, I decided to be the breast cancer awareness fairy. My aunt had been suffering for a couple of years. Even though I am wearing black here, when I went out, I was totally in pink from head to toe!

In 2014, we returned to the ball again. This time I decided to go as a little fancier witch. I loved the mask but it itched like crazy.

I should note that I have gone as a witch several times over my life time. The first time I remember, I was about 7. I had the longest hair ever and my Mom teased it out. 

This was not an actual costume but it was fun creating it. Other costumes I have worn: clown outfit for Homecoming spirit week in HS, nuns outfit for a play, the bride of Frankenstein, a ghost, Mother Nature (twice), a screen saver, a pumpkin, a monster, and many others. 

I have always liked Halloween but for the fun of it and maybe being something I am truly not. My Mom always thought it was important for us to play and that is what Halloween was for us...well, and candy of course.  Halloween was not gory, nor would she allow it ever to have been.

I wish I had many of the photos that were taken of me over the years, it is sad they are gone. However, I hope you enjoyed the few I do have.


  1. Those costumes are all really good! Some years I go all out but, others I just don't have the energy to do it. I know Halloween is upon us and I am still not sure what I am doing for a costume. I know that sounds lame. Luckily I save all of them.

  2. I know what you mean about photos. Most of my life happened prior to digital cameras and old fashioned photos get lost, don't get kept and so on.

  3. I haven't dressed up in years but hope to start again one day. It's always so hectic... I plan to, then don't have time while I get out my daughter and everything else. Love your costumes. Glad you get to have fun with it all. Coming at ya from Mama's Losin' It!

  4. I love that you get into the Halloween spirit and sport a costume! So cute!


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