Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last Week of Halloween Music! It's Monday's Music Time in the Crypt! #Halloween

Welcome back to ye ole' crypt for another blood curling Monday. Every Monday features Monday's Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Stacy, Colette, and moi!

This week our Spotlight dancer is the Boogie Man. Our hostess of the mostess says it is all about Halloween and well, since I have been Halloween-ing all month, that is great for me. So, grab your witchy shoes and hit the old grave yard and let's dance with all of the spooks! The Boogie Man knows how to have a party!

Little joke: What do mummies like listening to on Halloween?

Ready for it?

Wrap music!
bwa ha ha ha

In keeping with my month long Halloween theme, I am sure I have some goodies stirring in the kettle. So, what do I have for my boos and ghouls? Hmm....

First up:Since we are already at the hop and the skeletons have got the party going, why don't we invite the monsters? Not well known for his singing, Bert Convy was better known for his acting and more so for his game show hosting.

Next: They say ( whomever "they" is) that dead men tell no lies. Well, I have it on great authority that actually a dead man knows how to party.At least that is what Oingo Boingo has said.

Finally: The party is really rolling down at the grave yard under the light of the moon. These crazy ghost have started the cha cha. Want to join them?

Well, that is it for another spook-tacular musical feature. Join me the rest of the week as the countdown continues. Happy hauntings.


  1. Finishing the month off strong, Naila! Great choices! :) Have a spooktacular week - and Happy Halloween! :)

    Come Little Children Turn The Lights Off because This Is Halloween you’ll be Creepin’ so Better Dig Two!

  2. Absolutely loved Monster Hop vid heheh!

    You make sure you have an oingoboingotastic week Naila :-)

  3. You sure know how to creep the dance room my dear!
    Love it!

  4. Totally creeped me out also!!! Where on earth did you get these tunes! Bwahahahahaha ooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhh oooooooooooo HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Don't eat too much candy and be careful, but have fun!!! HUGS


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