Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...The Green Addition /March 13, 2012

  1. Welcome back to my 10 Thoughts Tuesday. It is beautiful today (again). I am just happier.
  2.  Unbelievable that Spring is here and it is the middle of March. Where has the time gone already? Oh and St. Patrick's day upon us. Whew!
  3. For the first time in my entire life (if you can actually believe it), I am going out to have some fun on St. Patrick's Day. The hubster, kids and I are meeting up with a friend to have a good time. I have not seen my friend in like 4 years. He likes karoke...groans...but it should be fun none-the-less.
  4. So, I just saw that apparently besides celebrating the green we should also be celebrating the blue. The blue planet that is Uranus. *chuckles* According to Ellen it was discovered today. *chuckles*
  5. I know, I know...grow up Naila Moon! If she can laugh at it, I can too. Admit it, you were laughing too!
  6.  Have you seen the new Minions trailer. Oh my gosh, talk about laughing! Just in case you didn't see it, here it is! 
  7. Ah yes, moving on to more of my green thoughts. I am not sure what exactly makes them green today. Is it because they are purely random thoughts with no hint of alcohol or something else? *laughs*
  8. Sheesh...that was really random for sure. I suppose I am just in a great mood today. How can I not be with all this sunshine, flowers peeking out and the "green" grass showing. 
  9. I was just thinking, why am I inside when it is so nice out today? Hmmm...maybe it is because I have no gas in my car to go anywhere. Who can afford gas anyway.
  10. Well, I am done for this week. Get outta here...go have some fun. You know, I will! Have a good week ya all.
Peace...Naila Moon

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