Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me...March 5, 2012...plane, trains and automobiles

Spotlight Dancers

It seems like Monday comes around faster and faster these days. Maybe it is my age or maybe my life is so full (believe me that isn't it) or maybe...

Anyway, Monday is here and that can only mean it is time to boogie on down with Xmas Dolly's Mondays Music. I found out that I am in the Spotlight this week again. Wow, I am humbled. Thank you!

 This week is a freebie week, which means I choose the tunes. However, even though it is san theme, it seems I chose "planes, trains and automobiles".  Enjoy!

This week the music world lost yet another music icon. (It seems like that are dropping off in the droves lately. Weird!)
This guy I actually saw live with his group. I was am a huge fan of them. I loved their musical TV show as well.

The next video/song is by two artist that are also no longer with us. Their voices together were simply beautiful. (Note: wait a minute or two as they talk together at the beginning.) My first album that I had in my music collection by this artist actually belonged to my parents. I simply removed it from their collection to my own. lol

This next video you have to listen very carefully to his words. No one could sing folk music like this guy.  I remember first hearing his music when I took a trip to Washington, DC in 1986.  I then sang his music all over Washington. ha! Even then he was against the establishment. 

Have a great week.
Peace...Naila Moon


  1. CONGRATS! Oh you're too funny! Never heard that last one, but I'm definitely going to send it to my hubby. LOL You're too much. Hey, this week I lost 4 lbs. cool huh? My updates are going to be on Thursdays. hugzzzzz Have a great day!

  2. Congratulations are being picked as one of the spotlight dancers. Woodie Guthrie was interesting.
    Royalegacy's Marvelous Music Monday

  3. Great classics! I haven't heard that last one before, I enjoyed it! :) Congrats on your Spotlight Dance! :)

    You're Gonna Fly when you Drink On It because in Reality There's A Place For Us

  4. Congrats on being in the spotlight! I love the way you had a theme, then choosing some wonderful classics to fit it. You did an excellent job! Thanks for playing with us!

  5. Congrats on the spotlight! It is sad how many stars are falling.

    Have a great week!

  6. Congrats on being the Spotlight Dancer! Great tunes! The last song was new to me! Great classics! I too loved the Monkeys!

  7. Really enjoyed your choices. I watched a program on Cass Elliot she was very talented and she had a hard time in the music industry, very up and down and it really frustrated her.
    Enjoy your week!

  8. Congrats on being featured.
    It's my first time hearing about the Monkees these past two weeks too.

    Thanks for sharing your music.

    Have a great week!

  9. Congrats on being in the Spotlight. I'm new here so I'm your latest follower. Like your choices, but the last one sure is funny. Cool falling shamrocks too! Have a great day & hope you can stop by too.

    1. Hey Welcome King of Queenz.
      I like the shamrocks too! lol
      ~Naila Moon


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