Monday, March 19, 2012

Music Moves Me...late edition

Spotlight Dancers

You know this past week was St. Patrick's Day...the luck of the Irish and all that "stuff ya know". (hee hee)  Well, today I got lucky too!(get your heads out of the gutter)  I was picked once again to be in the dance Spotlight for Monday Music Moves Me.

I have to say WOW!!!! I am humbled once again for such an honor. I hope I live up to it today. I mean after all, I am already late with posting today. sheesh....

Today is a "Freebie" and that means I get to pick what ever music I want and hope you enjoy. I thought today I might honor a cousin of mine. Her name is Melissa, although I call her Missy. I have mentioned her before as being the Zumba Queen.  She found Zumba at a low part in her life and it has become a stepping off point for her. She is happy and exudes a positive outlook on life in spite of great adversity. She is an inspiration. So, this day is for her.

...And just because she is queen!

Love you Missy....
Naila Moon


  1. Whoo-hoo, Zumba is one sure-fire way to get yourself up and on your feet! I just LOVE Zumba!!! It's the most fun workout you'll ever have. Everytime someone posts something about it, then I'm rearing to go to do my exercise routine with the Zumba party. How sweet of you to devote 4M freebie choice to your cousin. The music you picked is awesome. Congrats on being featured as a Spotlight partner!

  2. Thanks cousin!! I LOVE that first song, I have never heard it before. I am thinking I will be making a dance for that one : )

    1. That girl is 15 years old. She has great rhythm and I liked her style too.

    2. Possibly for Relay For Life? *Grins*

  3. The First song is nice, but I'm not so much into the Zumba stuff. I'm glad your cousin is motivated by it, we all need something to moe us.
    I do love the Queen song and always will. Freddy Mercury is a classic and can never be replaced.

    1. Freddy for sure!
      I have never even tried Zumba but my cousin is determined that I do. LOL


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