Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...June 5, 2012


1. Hello everyone. It is late Tuesday posting but that is just how these post go for 10 Thoughts.  If I am thinking them, then it gets posted. hee hee

2. It is a warm one again today but not so hot I am melting. Last weekend I was in Indy and OMGSH...I might have well as been water.

3. Ice cream...yeah, I am thinking chocolate. Hmm...I will be right back!

4. I'm back. Did you miss me? Yeah, I figured as much. I will just eat my ice cream  while I blog.

5. Now, you are wanting some. Right? hee hee

6. Did anyone watch the pomp and circumstance with the Queen Mum today?  It was nice to watch and she was so happy.

7. I would like just a 10th of what she gets every year. You know it is like 50 million a year for her royal-ness.

8. Yeah, I think I could live off of that. How about you?

9. I am taking a quick survey with this thought. How many of you actually read this dribble every Tuesday? Leave me a comment about it will you?  Do you want me to continue?

10.  As I promised, I would post a photo of my dear Tamirisc and I at our wedding in 2008.  Did you catch 4M's yesterday? It was all about wedding music.  I am going to post one of our wedding songs too. Totally non-traditional!

My favorite photo of us on our wedding day. Dec. 25, 2008

~Naila Moon
Bonus: One of our wedding songs. Anything is Possible by Heart.


  1. awww shucks, I will continue 10 thought just for you. Heck, it seems to humor you and you are the ONLY one that asked for it back. LOL

  2. Nice pboto, Ilike it too. I read moxt of the time........I am just behind with everything lately.


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