Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coming to my blog near you...

Now that I have your attention please stay with me for a minute.  Beginning this Saturday I want to start a new and fun thing to do. 
 It does not take rocket science,

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 or major brain power,
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 or artistic ability!
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 All it takes is your willingness to link up and just do.
What is it you say?
Well, as a working title it is going to be called Saturday Stick It, Saturday Out In the Sticks...or maybe Saturday Stick People. I dunno, something like that.
The whole idea is for you to draw a stick person (every week) doing something you are doing over the weekend or have done during the week, sign your drawing and upload for all to see.

That simple! I might even give a handmade prize to the winner for the week. (Nothing major here people...really, don't expect much). This is mainly for fun. So, what do you say?

Do you need inspiration?

Stick People 1 
Stick People 2 
Stick People 3 
Stick People 4 

Ok, remember Saturday is the target. Watch for mine!
~Naila Moon 

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