Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mondays Music...June 18, 2012...Vacation Songs!

Hello everyone. I am pre-posting this because I am, of all things, on vacation!  I hope nothing goes wonky with it.
Oh and it just so happens that is the theme for this week...Vacation Songs!

I hope you are playing along because the 100th episode give-away is beginning and you don't want to miss out but you have got to play along with us every week to win!

On to it...
When I think vacation songs, I think these guys:

How about another one by them?

Next up...dosen't every kid ask this?

Next...hand me some please!


As it was with last week I will be around to see you, it just will be all week long.

Naila Moon


  1. The Beach Boys are coming up as a favorite for most today. This I was fairly certain would be the case, too. lol I mean, you can't think summer without thinking of those blonde hair, surf n' sand brothers from sunny California, right? Wow, weren't they such wholesome, handsome lads of their day? I've heard of Connie Francis' Vacation before, but totally forgot about it. This is fun pick! Thanks for sharing it with us. Whoo-hoo, you really rock girl!

    Hot Summer Songs Rocks 4M!

  2. I absolutely love the progression of your picks and the story they tell - you crack me up! Awesome choices, Naila - hope you're having an awesome vacation! :)

    Chasing The Sun on a Pontoon while Drunk On You with a Groovy Little Summer Song on these Summer Nights in the Summertime!

  3. LOL we know that Moose song! I kind of miss the days when my oldest loved that channel. My youngest doesn't care about TV yet so I've missed Moose and Z.

  4. OH YEAH! BEACH BOYS ARE EVERYWHERE TODAY! Hope you're having a great time, and being safe. Love your choices. It so puts me in a great mood and I'm sure all the little kiddles love your "Are we there yet" song! LOL My Mom loved Connie Francis everything & VACATION is still going strong til this day I think, hahaha, BUT RED RED WINE IS MY FAVORITE FROM ALL TIME! IT GETS YOU IN A GOOD MOOD & MAKES YOU WANNA GET UP AND DANCE. WOO HOO GREAT CHOICES MY FRIEND. HAVE FUN - BE SAFE. Congrat on Hubby being in the Spotlight! hehehehe

  5. Just wonderful picks! I loved them all so much, especially the Connie Francis one. Great song for the finale.
    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  6. Such fun songs, I had to check out the "Are we there yet?" song, too funny! I haven't heard that Connie Francis song in ages! I hope you are enjoying you vacation :)

  7. Red Red Wine -- yes this! always.

  8. Love that you added Moose A Moose! That's awesome!

  9. Did you say you were off on vacation? If so I hope you are having wonderful fun

    I love your music choices.

  10. I initially asked my boyfriend what some good summer themed songs were and he said anything by the Beach Boys, so I guess you subconsciously took that advice, too! LOL

    Hopefully you had a fabulous time on your vacation!

  11. Brilliant selection of oldies there, I always liked UB40's cover of Red Red Wine :-)

  12. How funny we selected the same Beach Boys song. Says somethin... Missing U


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