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Mondays Music Move Me...June 4, 2010

Hey welcome to another Monday and an addition to the 4M's.
June is here and I have the priveledge to co-host with Xmas Dolly and the lovely ladies of 4M's! Whoo hoo!!! 
Thanks ladies I am honored as all get out!

We are starting off June with wedding songs.  Now, I have to tell you, when I got married to my Tamirisc, we did not have traditional wedding songs. Oh no, not at all but I will do my best here. ok.

Oh yeah, before I get too far ahead of myself don't forget to be playing along because beginning in a few week Monday Music Moves Me will be have a big give-a-way to celebrate 100 weeks. If you aren't playing along with us, now is the time to start because no playing means no chance on this one.

So, on to it...

First up: I just liked this song from the movie it came from, the "Wedding Singer" of course!

Next up: I found this wedding song. Now, it is not traditional for the U.S. but did I say I was traditional here? lol (Note: I did find out something interesting. Apparently, there are male wedding songs and female wedding songs with this culture.)

Next: How about some Kenny G?

Finally: I had to add this one because the guy (in the photos) composed this for his wedding. Wow!

Bonus:You have got to check out this wedding proposal and...
It is 14 minutes long but worth it!

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. The wedding proposal was so worth the watch! Thanks for sharing it with us. Wow, can you just imagine being THAT surprised? Whoo-hoo! Girl, you so rock! Thanks for being our honorary co-host for the month of June. Keep on dancing!

  2. Have fun with your month of co-hosting! Loved your picks and how special having a song written by the groom, I loved Worth the Wait.

  3. Love Love LOVE all your choices, Naila! And OMG! That last video is awesome!!! Can you even imagine?! Way too cool for words. ;) Thanks for helping us co-host this month - you ROCK! :)

    You Make Me Feel… I Don’t Want This Night To End so Tonight Is The Night – Marry Me, say I Do, Then let’s dance the Macarena

  4. Great selection. It's been ages since I listened to Kenny G's Wedding Song, and Worth The Wait - what a musically talented groom. Happy Monday.

  5. I'm always fascinated with other cultures and their customs, so I really enjoyed listening to that! :)

    And who doesn't love Kenny G?!

    Great choices!

    Have a musical week :)

  6. Interesting selections! I, too, would never have a traditional song as "my" wedding song (well, my wedding ceremony music would be traditional and classical instrumentals, but my first dance song would definitely not be traditional. I included it in my own post :) Happy Music Monday!

  7. Great choices! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I saw the best wedding proposal- it was crazy wasn't it? Really went out of his way...

  9. I actually miss Bollywood movies and such. My friend was from the culture and so I got exposed.

    Love your music selections!

    Have a great week!

  10. Love Kenny G & I've seen the proposal before, but I just had to watch it again. It's fantastic!!!! Great choices for your first Honorary week!!! Now you know why we chose you! These are fabulous.

  11. These were great! The Bollywood one was interesting. Thanks for sharing!
    Danielle @ Royalegacy


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