Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me #Music

Hey, ya all! I am coming off of a high from a huge win by my Denver Broncos. The whole team just rocked it out! Speaking of which, it is Monday and time to rock out with the Monday's Music Moves Me gals. You know us, hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Callie, Stacy, and myself.

This week is a theme week and out Spotlight dancer, Melissa, has chose (appropriately) one Super Bowl related song and the rest, country music. Well, ok then, let's do this!


I think I am going to not go with a half time song, but with one that only tops Lady Gaga's performance for the night. I give you, Whitney Houston!

Ok, now we move on to country songs.

First up: This song is one that keeps popping in my head for the moment. His pop-rock sound is what he is known for and one of the first country songs I ever fell in love with. Go figure. Garth Brooks.

Next: This woman took the country scene by storm and then years later, took to movies, theater and TV with her comedy show named after herself. She has co-hosted a morning news show and won awards for her talent. Reba McEntire sings here with her daughter-in-law.

Finally: I am going to go way back for this last one. This woman who self taught herself guitar, has a career that spans 60 years. Her life was made into a  book and subsequently, a movie. She is a sweetheart and original member of the Grand Ole Opry. Loretta Lynn


  1. Good choices Naila I knew 3 of these ones good to see Whitney (we were on first name terms)

    Have a countrytastic week :-)

  2. Michelle, nice song picks. I'm a Coal Miners daughter, really. I...we are SO thrilled the Denver Broncos won last night. Although everyone was saying the Panthers were favored to win Super Bowl 50, I felt a certain peace that Peyton Manning would lead the Broncos to victory and he did! What a fabulous way to note to close the season and possibly his career on!! Thanks for stopping by and dancing with me, now to keep the celebration going. :D

  3. Nice choices, even if you had to go way back into the past to play some Loretta Lynn. :)

  4. nice,I did a special music posting the week.I hope it is not a super downer for everyone.

  5. Excellent choices! I adore Whitney and Loretta!

    Have a great week!

  6. Whitney is my favorite one of the Star Spangled Banner. These are great tunes... thanks for sharing with me... YOU ROCK!


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