Sunday, February 28, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me...Dance Music! #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Hey all, we are back with another Monday's Music Moves Me for you all to rock out with and have a good time. Now, usually, this would be a freebie week but hey, we like to shake things up once in awhile, so this week we have another Spotlight Dancer.  Freebie will be next week!

Congrats to Mike Golich who has chosen the theme, Dance Music. Now, I am sure many of you think all music is dance music and certainly, it could be. So, take this one in stride and as always, you decide.

First up: The Queen of the dance music, Whitney Houston.

Next up: This gal is new to me but I love her voice and this song that of course, makes me want to dance.

Finally, I have always loved Will Smith's musical varieties. This one though is a favorite and one that will get any alien hopping.

BONUS #1: A compilation of dance music over time.

BONUS #2: There is no words to this music but these folks can dance!

Until next time...Naila Moon


  1. I was just watching Men in Black the other night on TV. Great choices.

  2. Good selections I Wanna Dance With Somebody has always been my Fave Whitney (we were on first name terms) tracks :-)

    have a dancetastic week :-)

  3. Love all the tunes you put together and definitely dance music. Ahhhh if I only could. YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!!!

  4. This was a fun one. Thank goodness we have the men in black to control those aliens. Maybe they could build us a wall, too. ;)

  5. Michelle, I love the fun MMMM banner you created. Dance music has evolved over the years. That was a neat compilation. After watching the MIB music vid, it makes me want to see the movies. :D Great tunes to kick off the week!

  6. Fantastic choices and great songs!
    My song for this week is "Alice" by Avril Lavigne

    I just started my own Musical Monday on my blog Testing Trisha please stop by and Link-up!

  7. I love that Will SMith song and still remember most of the words :)
    Those were the days eh


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